Brendan Swogger

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity" - Edgar Allan Poe

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About me

My name is Brendan Swogger. I am currently a student at Oregon City High School, but I do much more outside of it's walls. I am an independent horror author, music blogger, photographer, and Buddhist writer. This site will act as a hub for all these pieces of myself, that remain spread across the interwebs. To access free short horror stories, visit Brendan.Swogger.US. To read reviews and recaps of concerts and other indie and alternative music, visit indie/alt. To read my reflections of life events through the eyes of my Buddhist philosophy, visit A Thousand Candles. And to view black and white photography of my journey through the world, visit Black & White Eye. If you wish to connect through the cyber field, you can get a hold of me through the contact page! 

I hope to see you around! Happy exploring! ;)

​- Brendan Swogger